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We are not a gym, we are a personal training studio, where we cater to you.
We will provide the one on one attention needed for the motivation, guidance, and the results that you want.


Our facility is clean, private, distraction-free, and 100% of the attention is on your workout. A variety of tools are available to use: including treadmills, ellipticals, and machines, kettlebell and medicine balls, TRX Suspension, BOSU, battleropes, free weights and more! Ensuring you always receive a well-rounded, safe, and effective workout is always the top priority.

• • • •

We work with any and all age groups. Children who are young and are exploring movement can do it safely here and learn the proper “how and why”. Young athletes who want to minimize injury risk and maximize their performance. Adults of all ages who know their sedentary lifestyle and eating habits could be better can finally get their health and fitness on track and keep it there! And of course, our beloved seniors, who need to know that they can live their lives on their terms, with independence, ability, and confidence. Advanced Fitness certified and experienced trainers will design a customized fitness program specially designed to suit your lifestyle, goals and expectations.

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We offer very flexible scheduling to meet all of your needs.

At-home programs MAY be available after initial consultation.

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Helping you live a longer, healthier, and more active life!  

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