Personal Training Services

 What goals would you like to accomplish? What aspect of health and fitness is most important to you?  How can we help you live the life you want? During your first visit we will sit down and get to know each other and gather more information. Then, we will move on to the exercise floor to assess you on various fitness components. These components include strength, muscular endurance, cardiovascular endurance, flexibility, balance, and core. Body fat composition may also be included. Finally, we’ll discuss our thoughts and schedule a plan moving forward.

You and your trainer will work together to create a plan of attack. Scheduled appointments will keep you motivated but also held accountable. You will know someone is waiting for you to help you complete your goals. Your training session will be designed and personalized for you, all you have to do is show up and be ready to go!  

Personal Training Services



60 minute sessions
(most popular)

– 10 sessions $600

– 20 sessions $1100


*30 minute sessions may be available
*Teams of 2 may be considered
(with certain terms)



Introductory Offer

3 – 60 min sessions  for $150 for first time AF clients only.

There are numerous benefits to personal training, almost too many to list. Whether it’s to get you up and going, or to simply keep you going, supervised and personalized exercise programs are beneficial for anyone. Time and energy spent on your health now will hopefully save you down the road. Cognitive and physical decline worsen as we age, leading to  potential illness, falls, or overall lower quality of life. You can do something about that now!
So what are you waiting for!